ACCEPTING: Pre-loved luxury and contemporary items
QUALITY: Minimum 8/10 or B Grading
AUTHENTICATION: Seller must pay $30 for authentication up front. Fee will be deducted from the sale price. If proven inauthentic, seller will not be reimbursed
Selling Price Rate
$0-$5000 20%
$5000+ 15%
Clothing and Accessories
Selling Price Rate
Any Amount


Please send all submissions to
All items are subject to go under careful review and selection upon application for consignment. All products will be evaluated based on their quality and style that will fit the curated selection of products for KIYO.
For more information on the collection of brands and styles we accept, please check out the items we currently sell.
We are always open to expanding our collection and we would love to see what you have to offer, so feel free to submit your items for review!